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Loro Piana partners with Save the Children on a new charitable endeavor; for every year end purchase at Loro Piana locations within North America, the brand will donate one blanket to the renowned organization

The blanket is a cherished part of Loro Piana history; it was one of the first products ever created by the house, and it has remained an integral piece of the label’s legacy ever since.

From November 27th through December 24th, Loro Piana will donate one blanket to the U.S. branch of Save the Children for every purchase made - of any product or products - at the brand’s U.S. and Canada-based stores (as well as through Loro Piana’s U.S. eshop).
We are proud to have actress, activist and producer Freida Pinto joining forces with our cause, lending her support, platform and voice to the Save the Children blanket drive. Ms. Pinto has always held an unwavering belief that social fairness is of the utmost importance—no matter one's position in life. It's a large part of why she loves to tell stories on screen.
"We live in a time when it is important to let your neighbor know that you see them," says Ms. Pinto. "It's important to check in on others. And it's important to help others whenever you can, even if you'll never meet in person." Freida Pinto
Under Save the Children’s mission, blankets are of essential importance when it comes to providing warmth and comfort to newborns and young children, especially in situations where a child might be forced into a shelter or facing extreme conditions due to disasters and emergencies. Loro Piana’s donations will consist of newly woven blankets, fashioned from an array of specialty house textiles, including fine wools, ultra-soft cashmeres, blended silks and more. Each blanket is made entirely of repurposed and surplus materials collected from Loro Piana’s atelier. With this joint project, Loro Piana’s history with blankets and Save the Children’s present needs, create a compelling synergy.
“We have chosen to work with Save the Children because we feel, after what has occurred this year in regards to public health and the repercussions of the pandemic, that there is an urgent, exceptional need to protect and provide, at the very least, some sense of comfort to children and families around the world”, says Loro Piana CEO Fabio d’Angelantonio. “Loro Piana’s team has long held a philosophy of giving back to the communities with which we interact, and helping others when and where we can, is not only our great pleasure, it is our responsibility”.