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An Odyssey of Touch

The sensorial journey in the new flagship store in Ginza explores the evocative sense of touch that underpins the Loro Piana's essence while interpreting its symbolism in Japanese art and culture. The installations will be open to public from October 16th to October 25th, 2020.
On the 4th floor the tryptic installation conceived by London-based, boundary-pushing digital artist Weirdcore with the background track provided by esteemed Japanese musician and composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. Three rooms unveil otherworldly experiences: from the cyclicality of nature and the raw beauty of craftsmanship, to the future of Loro Piana both in Japan and further afield.

An homage to nature’s cyclical beauty, this installation evokes the surface of a body of water dotted with lotus flowers and autumnal leaves, in hues evoking Loro Piana’s Fall Winter 2020/2021 collection. The Lotus Flower® is a tribute to the deep bond between the Italian house and Japan. It was a Japanese gentleman who originally presented Pier Luigi Loro Piana with a length of lotus flower fabric, confident that, as a textile expert, he would appreciate its specialness and find a way to transform it into equally extraordinary products. And so it was. A plant sacred to Buddha, a symbol of rebirth and purity, the lotus flower is a textile treasure that grows in Myanmar, in the waters of Lake Inle, where it is still collected, spun and woven by hand. Ripples on the surface motion towards the interconnectedness of the universe, while the sun, seen in the graphic reflections of the building’s façade, call to mind nature’s immaculate craftsmanship – the founda
Infinite Connection
Voluminous ‘bumps’ of Loro Piana cashmere in its pure form, linked with fibres spun and woven by an expert artisan, are the focus of this installation. Together, they form a network of nuclei, pulsating and glowing with a soft white light, in an infinity cube of mirrored glass. Dynamic and otherworldly, this piece explores the importance of craftsmanship and connection within the Loro Piana universe, and the process behind every piece.
Nick Sky.jpg
Cloud City
This digital installation imagines a surreal cityscape in which the natural and the manmade coexist in perfect synergy. Mesmerizing and meditative, a trompe l’oeil window looks out onto an urban world, where clouds of Loro Piana cashmere float softly skywards. Here, heritage meets urban modernism; the brand’s present collides with the future.